One of the most hotly anticipated Quebec films in years, Bon Cop, Bad Cop is Eric Canuel’s follow up to the multiple Genie Award nominated Le Survenant. A bilingual Canadian film, Bon Cop, Bad Cop pits two provincial police officers – one a reserved Ontario Anglophone, the other more Québecois than poutine – against one another to solve a murder.

When a dead body is found draped over a highway sign on the border between Ontario and Quebec, both provincial police forces arrive to claim the case. Quebec officer David Boucher (Patrick Huard) sets the film’s wry, humorous tone by claiming that the head of the case belongs to Quebec, while the ass fell in Ontario. Ontario cop Martin Ward (Colm Feore) finds himself on a crash course in Québecois slang as he wrestles with Boucher’s questionable interpretation of the law and tries to figure out whodunit.

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