No Men Beyond This Point

No Men Beyond This PointMay 9, 2016

Showings 4:30, 7:00 and 9:10pm

Rated: PG | Mockumentary | 80 minutes

This wry mockumentary from Vancouver director Mark Sawers posits an alternate history where an explosion of virgin births from the 1950s onwards has taken men out of the procreation equation — and now that only girls are being born, it seems that men’s days on earth are numbered.

At thirty-seven years old, Andrew Myers (Patrick Gilmore) is now the youngest man in the world. He has a quiet life working as a nanny for Terra (Tara Pratt) and Iris (Kristine Cofsky), until he begins having an affair with Iris, and the two have to hide their love from both Terra and the uptight, anti-sex authorities. But just as the world’s few remaining males — who have been sent to “sanctuaries” where they can quietly finish their lives — decide that it’s time to stage a revolt, Andrew and Iris find themselves at the centre of a media frenzy spurred on by the more extremist female government leaders. As the men’s comically disorganized comeback flounders, and the end of humanity as we know it approaches, the couple’s actions will take on historical proportions.

No Men Beyond This Point is a smart, hilarious take on gender politics, sounding a call for balance — both philosophical and biological — even as it keeps us laughing. A feminist satire with a strong handle on comic role reversals, Sawers’ film is a riotous original.


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